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COPENHAGEN LITERARY AGENCY is an independent literary agency representing a diverse range of award-winning and bestselling authors of literary fiction, crime fiction and narrative non-fiction from Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and the Faroe Islands. We work with all aspects of an author’s literary career, from domestic rights to translation rights and film and dramatization rights in all territories.

COPENHAGEN LITERARY AGENCY, previously Leonhardt & Høier Literary Agency, was established in Copenhagen in 1951 by Albrecht Leonhardt. With Anneli Høier as agent, partner and owner, the agency and its authors played an important role in expanding the international market for Scandinavian literature. The agency was sold to Monica Gram, a partner since 2005 after ten years as an agent, who remains at the helm of the agency today. 

The agency is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Monica C. Gram, Owner & Literary Agent

monica(at), mobile (+45) 26 71 60 42

Sophia H. Smith, Literary Agent

sophia(at), mobile (+45) 71 31 54 13

Anneli Høier, Associated Agent

anneli(at), mobile (+45) 51 51 50 37

Miranda Nicholas-Zaar, Contract Manager

miranda(at), office (+45) 31 16 33 23

Merethe Brade, Accounting

finance(at), office (+45) 31 16 33 23

Rie Hansen, Agent Assistant 


Please address royalty statements and payment queries to:

royalty(at), office (+45) 31 16 33 23

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